Android TV – MINIX NEO X7 Boleh. Absolutely fantastic.

For beginning,  most of interesting TV programs are not free in Malaysia. Majority of Malaysian are joining ASTRO tuner and at least RM40 per month for this contract.

What can buy RM40 in Malaysia?
1 can of coke = RM1
500cc of mineral water = RM1
My car load tax (1000cc engine) = RM20
Parking ticket (One Utama) = RM1 for first 4 hours.
Toll fee from Kuala Lumpur (Kota Damansara) to Johor Bahru = RM48.60
1 Litter of petrol = RM2.10

Just watching TV is expensive compare with other things in Malaysia. Japanese TV are all free but each channel have advertisement but TV programs are very fan and even TV advertising also.

I am paying Astro basic program for RM40 every months because my girlfriend want to watch Korean TV program (KBS World) and I am paying now even not watch the program.

I am trying to terminate Astro for save money but not get perfect solution yet.
The solution is of course can watch KBS world absolutely fantastic!

Androld Operation system already provided KBS world application. But movie is freeze often.
But finally, I found absolutely fantastic solution with MINIX NEO X7.

1, Join good performance home internet connection (My house is joining Maxis Fiber 10Mbps)
2, Update OS to NEO X7 6th FW Release (0101, version 008)
3, Install 风云直播 for Android TV or your android phone also possible for testing purpose.

Then I got a good performance like a below YouTube movie. My MINIX NEO X7 was NEO X7 5th FW Release (1010, version 006c) that time, movie performance was freeze often even maxis fiber 10Mbps. Update operation system is very important for this procedure.

Note : I don’t take any responsibility about your investment. Please join internet provider or purchase MINIX NEO X7 for your own risk.

MINIX NEO X7 Boleh(available) for
1, Root
2, Can use Playstation 3 controller Dual Shock. (Can play PSX, SNES, PSP emulator)
3, Install application from Google Play.
4, USB pen drive. (128GB SSD also can use)
5, Tethering (share wifi to other devices.)
6, Can play high resolution movie. (Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A9 processor 1.6GHz)
7, Can watch from big screen (Full HD 1080p)

Please watch Movie and Game performance.

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