Flamingo Hotel Penang.

Nowadays, I am still busy for work but I am off in weekend so I went to Penang Island with my girlfriend. I already been to Penang before but I am feel not so good for the island because too much motorcycle and looks real south east asia city and also many factory in the island. I like a Cameron highland but my girlfriend dont like the road so I chose Penang the time.

I was stayed center of George town hotel last time but we stayed hotel near by beach this time. Hotel lobby is looks great and the restaurant can see beach during eating and all can eat food. temperature was good but my room is just 2nd floor and little noise air conditioner and cafe music.

In the next day, We are drive around Penang Island and go to Jusco and eat food then go back to home. It is around 3.5 hours by car from Kuala Lumpur to Penang include traffic jam.

We took dinner which can see table in this photo.


can sleep here with ocean view.


Took photo from second floor cafe.


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