Move data to microSD for Google Maps and Skype by Link2SD

I have some android phone but all of phone has only below 500MB internal memory. Nowadays, I am using Xperia Play and I really like the phone because it is not touch screen and available to play Playstation one game and Super Nintendo and Family computer game with Controller. It is not touch screen so It can enjoy game such a super mario or Gran Turismo. Good for play action game.

But the phone performance is getting bad after installed several softwares. I installed Papago, Ndrive, Viber, Whatsapp, Line, Dropbox, Document to go, Shazam, then it is already over 70% of internal memory gone. But Link2SD gave us the solution. The application succeed to move applications to microSD card. I succeed Firefox(20.34MB), Google Japanese IME(13.95MB), Junos Pulse(3.04MB), Line(17.36MB), Document to go(10.64MB), Lookout(6.11MB), Maybank2u(2.85MB), Ndrive11(16.20MB), PapagoX5(3.10MB), Shazam(12MB), Skype(21.68MB), Kakao Talk(8.93MB), Google Maps(12.1MB). Now my Xperia Play has 105MB left even many application installed.

Procedure for install Link2SD
Your phone must need to rooted.

1, Install Link2SD from Google Play.
2, Install MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition to your PC.
3, Connect Android phone with USB data cable to PC.
4, Run MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition and find android Device.

5, Right click to your android device and select Move/Resize
6, Reduce size for Patition size and increase Unallocate Space After: It is for space for android Internal application. I make a space for 2GB for this size.

7, Right Click for Unallocated Partition and select Create.
8, Select Create As for “Primary” and File System for “Ext3” then click “OK”. Please refer below image.

9, Reboot Androld phone.
10, Run Link2SD and select Ext3
11, Select an application which you want to transfer to MicroSD.

12, Done

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