Poor customer service from Edison Electronics in Singapore regarding the purchase of iPhone 4S

A lot of Singapore electronic shops provides poor customer relationship. They are not thinking about customer’s feeling instead of the purpose of gaining profit. I went to Singapore because iPhone 4S was yet available in Malaysia’s market and also most Singaporean online shop said iPhone 4S is sold out.

Firstly, I parked my car in Sim Lim Square. Then,I looked for shops that sell iPhone 4S around the building. Fortunately, many of shops have a lot of stocks for iPhone 4S and without having a long queue. My only main focus was the iPhone 4S 64GB model. The price range is from S$1150 to S$1350 which is cheaper than the Apple store which is at the price of S$1238. I decided to purchase the phone at S$1150. However, the seller suddenly informs me that the phone is New Zealand version and cannot update the program. Then, seller said that they also have stocks for iPhone 4S Hong Kong version. It is S$1320…… Plus GST 7%.

I made a survey by negotiating the price with several iPhone sellers however most sellers were not willing to bargain a lower price as compared to Apple Store. Besides, I was worried that I might be purchasing a SIM Locked phone. Thus, I then decided to focus on purchasing the iPhone Singapore version.

Edson Electronics Pte Ltd in Sim Lim Square informed me that they have iPhone 4S 64GB factory unlocked model Singapore version for S$1320 include GST. I then decided to purchase from them and yet they requested to register my passport copy for Apple phone . I then passed my passport to them and they requested for a registration fee of S$98 and also an unlocking fee of S$68 which rounds up to S$1486 . I then just took back my passport copy and left the shop. However I forgotten that I had left my Micro SIM card with them to test the functionality of Malaysian SIM card in the phone. I went back to the shop and kindly request back for my SIM card however the sellers claim that the phone isn’t my property thus I do not have the rights to touch the phone. Even so, they were not willing to show to me the presence of my sim card within the phone. After several persuasions, they then showed me the SIM card slot which does not have my SIM card at all. Feeling disappointed and frustrated, I left the shop without regrets as I have only lost a SIM card. However, as I step away from the shop, I heard a the seller’s voice from behind shouting “ FUCK OFF !”.

Such customer service has totally gave me a poor impression of Singapore. I was very disappointed with all the Singapore’s iPhone shop listed on the Apple store website. I went to check my last hope at Epic Centre located at Orchard with the price of iPhone 4S 64GB for S$1688 without tax. However, such throat cutting price was just a disappointment to me. Finally , I decided to leave Singapore and deposited back all my Singaporean dollars to my bank. I have learnt a subtle lesson for not purchasing any new or expensive product which is in the market demand in Singapore. I would rather choose online shopping which doesn’t require to face such horrible service from these sellers as well as the troubles to travel and survey the prices in different location. Such disappointed has made me come to a conclusion to not shop in Singapore again. I suppose Singaporeans are aware of the rude services provided by their sellers which lead to the low human traffic in Sim Lim Square. I reckon that Singapore’s government should strongly educate their citizens with a higher EQ and attitude in serving customers in most front line services.

I was fortunate that my SIM card was not set to roaming mode .Thus, I cancel my SIM card as soon as I step onto Malaysia to prevent any future changers from DiGi Malaysia. I also faced several experience in Malaysia’s Digital Mall and Low Yat Plaza . I am concerned on the distribution method of Apple iPhone4S globally. Have Apple ever thought long term sales of products from neither their loyal customers nor the customer satisfaction regarding the purchase of their products? Indeed such market distribution method by outsourcing would release their burden however there is the lack of education towards their vendors as most were given incentives to promote for profit instead of emphasizing on the level of customer satisfaction. I would recommend Apple to also educate their vendors to prioritize customer’s relationship before , during and after service. Besides, Apple should also develop an online store which provides phones with the categorization based on different countries such as DELL. As the amount of online shoppers is increasing in the market, such consideration to develop a marketing site would speed up the communication level between the organization and customers instead of going through vendors. I second my suggestion as I trust the rates online as most are comments from the customers experiencing the current product. Bottom line, I would really hope Apple would improve their way of distribution in order to sustain the loyalty within their customers.

No Stocks in Apple Store Singapore

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Just re-seller for genuine Apple dealer


I lost SIM card in this shop (Stolen maybe….)

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8 thoughts on “Poor customer service from Edison Electronics in Singapore regarding the purchase of iPhone 4S

  1. Jovi leo

    How come you from japan and stay in malaysia and don’t have money to buy a iPhone 4S online?? You must be very Emo right..

    1. ceo-minaki Post author

      Please resign your job or improve customer service. Who agree with additional cost after confirm to buy product? Same as Malaysian taxi driver who don’t use taxi meter.

  2. Alan ray

    I have been to this shop in Singapore Edison Electronics. They seems to have a very good attitude for all their salesman. I don’t understand why the salesman will shout at you. Unless you do something wrong that make the salesman to shout at you. I do play a lot of electronics things like camera and mobile phone. In your case I see regardless is Epic Center or Edison Electronics selling you the price is expensive for a iPhone 4S. Dude, iPhone product have their own market rate. You can’t just compare a online price that apple is selling at $1238 and the price other is selling. If you are looking at a iPhone 4s 64GB at $1238 and below I can tell you, you will never get it, and I saw a screenshot from the apple website that you post, 1st of all apple does not have any stock online, So you can’t get it at that price. 2nd, even the apple store is open and they have stock for your 64GB 4S you can’t get it too, because you doesn’t have a Singapore address since you live in Malaysia. 3rd , if you need the phone urgently then you have to buy the phone that is above RCP price. (You can always check in Malaysia how much a 4S cost in there) and 4th, from what you post I can see that actually the problem lies on you not on other people. Can you just tell me, Why would the Salesman over there would take your sim card since your sim card does not have a roaming service? and 5th You are talking about them gaining profit rather than thinking of a customer feeling, Can I ask you, do you how much did they order the stock or buying in from people who got it on a contract from Singapore telco? If I’m not wrong the market rate for selling a 4S 64GB brand new to the shop will be something around $1350 if I’m not wrong. If you don’t even know how much they got for the stock how can you even say they are selling you at a high price?! and if you yourself are doing your own business will you think about how to make a profit for your company?! Dude, I can see that you are quite a low class personnel. From japan yet you stay in Malaysia. By putting all those comment online about Singapore saying all kind of negative things about it is making everyone laughing at you. Dude, you are a disgrace to your country. Please check out the market price for a iPhone 4S first before posting any negative comment online like Epic Center and other shop. and lastly an advice to you. if you enjoy shopping online just stick to your online shopping hobby and order it online if you want to stick to that specific price. cheers

    1. ceo-minaki Post author

      Main story is they asking additional cost after confirm to buy phone. What is registration fee? Which place to register for factory unlocked phone? And also they charged unlocking fee for factory unlocked phone. It is not make sense. This kind of business already illegal in my country.

  3. Dorothy

    Dear Sir,

    I am sorry to read about your unhappy encounter. However, as the employee of Edison Electronics, I have the responsibility to make the necessary clarifications.

    Our store @ #01-16, Sim Lim Square, as reflected in your picture, do not sell iphone. It is actually our tenant, who has this counter in our store, retailing mobile phones and accessories.

    As mentioned by Alan, it has always been our pride and responsibility to provide customer service for all our consumers.

    We hereby hope that you would make the necessary clarification as making untrue comments about our company publicly would certainly make significant damage to our reputation.

    We seek your kind understanding in this matter and should you require further assistance, please feel free to contact us via enquiry@edison.com.sg.

    Thank you.

    1. ceo-minaki Post author

      It is everything true. What is reason for create this article for me? I really waste time to go Singapore for shopping.

      Finally, I bought iPhone 4S in DiGi Centre in Malaysia next weekend with 2 years contract RM2690(about S$1150).

      Both Singapore and Malaysia Apple Store are restart selling iPhone 4S. I recommend to buy online store even take time. I guess Malaysian mobile phone shops also similar with Edison Electronics Pte Ltd.

  4. Dorothy

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to stress once again, the shop that you had this bad encounter with, is a tenant who has rented a counter in our shop. They do not belong nor represent Edison Electronics. They have their own company name, SMS Mobile, which is displayed behind their counter.

    I would like to seek your understanding in this matter and clarify this matter before our management would consider taking further legal action in your untrue statement.

    Once again, we empathise with your unhappy encounter with our tenant and we have given feedback to their management as well. However, it is NOT Edison Electronics that you had patronised. And by posting picture of our stores and making untrue statement about our store publicly is causing significant damage to our reputation.

    Thank you.

    1. ceo-minaki Post author

      Finally, you are abdication of responsibility. A lot of people do kind of action especially South East Asia. Waste time to discuss with you.


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