Too many Malaysian Car try to jump queue.

I went to south Korean embassy around lunch time today. Many place are traffic jam. Many car try to avoid long queue lane and drive to other direction lane. So finally, All of road jam even other direction lane.

I thought Malaysian people give way easy for jumped queue car and collect direction lane getting long queue more. Japanese car is not do it especially, car has company logo but Malaysian people don’t care. I saw Nestle Milo 4WD car also jumping queue every morning around Damansara Perdana and also double parking do even company logo too…

Japanese taxi driver also very aggressive driving but they are no do jumping queue. And almost 100% Malaysian driver throughout cigarette on road. crazy……………..

This car drove like below red indication lane…
Korean school car…. I don’t want to ride this car..

Many Malaysian driver drive like this.

Many bus driver are also making traffic accident cause by speed, sleeping, drinking. They are not professional. i heard some of Malaysian get drivers license just pay money. I have been drive car in Japan, Australia. Both of countries are not much complain for driving car but Malaysia is worse. Please try to drive car there if you are Malaysian. Australia also very serious for not enough parking space but they are never double parking. Car looks like rubbish in Malaysia even Bentz or BMW…..

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