Malaysian road became restaurant?



  Around Damansara Perdana is horrible road condition especially over 19 o’clock.

  Road became restaurant and too many car do double parking. Don’t make restaurant too much around the area. Several building still underconstruction and it will be worth the area. But many empty building. I guess Malaysia will be bubble burst soon. Real estate value is must be around 70% off from current price like a Japanese economy since 1989.

2 thoughts on “Malaysian road became restaurant?

  1. Loonton

    Just came back… when to tapau food back home.. the place will forever be that pack because of the restaurants there

  2. ceo-minaki Post author

    The restaurant is illegal in Japan and Australia also. I guess Malaysia can do anything because police is weak. Our area has police office but they don’t do anything.

    It is not normal. Malaysia have to improve. Anyway, you came back so late….


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