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Satu Malaysia

Lyrics (Malay)

Semuanya atas satu perjuangan

Segalanya atas satu perpaduan

Rakyat bersatu seiring dan maju
Pencapaian jadi mercu

Satu tak mengenal bangsa
Tak memisahkan kita
Terus perkasa

Kita satu Malaysia
Teguh ikrar bersama
Negaraku tercinta
Satu bangsa Satu Malaysia

Lyrics (English)
Your success
My pride
All for one battle

Your gratitude
Your peace
All because of unity

One nation unite to progress
Great achievements became our goal

We are one regardless of race
It doesn’t separate us
Stay strong

We are one Malaysia
Together take an unwavering oath
My beloved country
One nation, One Malaysia

Succeed to connect internet Xperia Play and X10 with truemove and AIS SIM card. Pucket, Thailand

I am visiting Pucket for one week holiday with my girlfriend. Here is a lot of visitors especially from China, Korea, Japan.

I got a truemove Sim card for free in Airport and I top up THB350 for this sim card. It is THB49 for unlimited internet access but connection is 2G. It is pretty slow internet connection such a take time for 1 minutes just open Google website. This company fryer is very silly because I call truemove care (English) dial 1331 but announce is Thai. I spend a lot of time with hotel reception but I am so disappointed for very slow connection.

Finally, I got a solution in Pucket for my internet life. I got a another SIM card it is AIS. I paid THB450 for this SIM card from small mobile phone retail shop. I am not recommend unofficial store to buy something. It is also waste THB75 for 75MB plan for his fault. Anyway, I got 1GB plan and paid THB350 and internet speed is about 1Mbps even in hotel room. Anyway, it is not so bad because my hotel(Millennium hotel) is charging THB500 for one day internet connection.

By the way, I introduce way to connect to truemove and AIS.

Both truemove and AIS are common setting 1,2

1,Setting, Wireless Setting, Mobile Network,remove MMS data check

2,Setting, Phone setting, Carrier, Select phone carrier.

3,Set up APNs


4,Setting, Wireless setting, Mobile Network, access point

5,set up APN

Name :TH GSM(other name also fine)



MCC : 520

MNC : 01

APN protocol : IPv4

Dont need other setting

check account balance : *121#

For truemove

4,Setting, Wireless setting, Mobile Network, access point

5、Set up APN

Name :truemove(other name also fine)

APN : internet

user name : true

password : true

dont need other setting

check account balance : #123#

AIS Package list