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Kancil is passed away?


The Problem (going to ask repair)
1, Can not Open driver seat side door. I open from passenger seat side.
2, Sometimes, cannot start engine. shake battery by hand several times, then can start engine.
3, Back mirror is moving during driving.
4, Cigarette lighter is broken. (Cannot charge my mobile phone)
5, Getting Gasoline smell after pill up petrol.
6, Car temperature is getting high after drive few hours.

Other problem (Repair later)
1, Car Audio can not forward.
2, body is damaged.


Jang Woo Korean restaurant



  Jang Woo restaurant is my wife’s favorite Korean restaurant around my house.

  The restaurant is not so big space and looks at home. We have been the restaurant often especially big succer game time. Our house is cannot watch Astro sports.

  She told Tofe jjigae is very good taste. For me, taste very similar compare with other restaurant.

Jang Woo restaurant
18-1, 1st Floor, Jalan 22B/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 6201 7743

Double parker around Malaysia.



  I saw many place double paking around Malaysia. Malaysia is worst country about double parking.

  They do double parking even empty space have just near by. Many Malaysian people are very lazy for working. Malaysia already have too many parking space but number of car are more. Sometimes, I cannot find parking space even looking for 30 minutes.

Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant – The Curve



   I come to Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant in Curve today. Because I have been the restaurant around 6 years ago in Johor Bahru.

  The restaurants are providing Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, Korea, Japanese food. I prefer Korean noodle at the restaurant.

I ordered
Fu Yong
Korean noodle with fried egg and Shredded pork
Water melon juice today.

  Korean noodle is very good taste. The restaurant use spicy shin noodle but Fu Yong is not so good. Inside of rice is just plain rice.

  I thought the restaurant strategy is accept many asian good food and a lot of customer even a lot of restaurant around the area. Malay restaurant also should do the strategy and Japanese politic policy too. How come motorcycle speed limit is only 30km/h? Why all products GST are 5%? They should accept good politic even other country already did. 

McDonald’s The Curve




  There are a lot of McDonald’s branches in Malaysia. Most of branches are a lot of customer. Malaysia McDonald’s are also succeed business.

  But I am smoking cigarette and I have to eat food outside. It is problem because I got mosquito bite most of place.

  But the Curve McDonald’s looks nice compare with other branches. I hope less mosquito the restaurant.