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Japanese Yen is down so best time for shopping in Japan

Japanese 100 Yen was about RM4 in August 2012 but almost RM3 now so 25% off everything in Japan now.

RM1 = 32.5 Yen today.

Past one year performance

PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi model (PCH-1100AB01)
Amazon Japan = RM586.80
Sony Malaysia = RM1299


PlayStation 3 500GB (CECH-4000C)
Amazon Japan = RM861.23
Sony Malaysia = RM1,199.00


iPad Retina 32GB wifi model
Apple Japan = RM1,563.07
Apple Malaysia = 1,799.00


Japanese idiot mind.

Few or many people are thinking about donate tsunami normal especially high income people such a Ichiro or matsui and nintendo or sony.

They are talking about amount small. How many people can pay more than 1% of income? Japanese culture still can not make money..