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Do not buy mobile phone from small retail store in Malaysia – Mobile2go – Satu Gadget Dot Com

Still thousands of Malaysian mobile phone retail store still provide bad or fake product to customers. Online store is safer because majority of stores take responsibility for product quality. Around 20% of online stores such a ebay, lazada, or 11 Street send me fake or wrong description products. But they will refund after send back to online stores(not seller) and check quality of product.

Nowadays, social media is developed and very easy to attach stores review but Malaysian and Singapore seller is still not improve service. They still do asking not require fee(asking registration fee when I tried to purchase iPhone), just pass fake product(fake Galaxy S5 – Box is same and can switch on phone but very bad performance.). This time, Mobile2go(Taman Maluri) passed me fake microSD 64GB after purchased Galaxy C9 Pro.

The microSD is free gift and detected from mobile phone. storage is appeared 64GB on screen. And I succeed to save several photos. But I had experience to purchase fake microSD from Lazada. The microSD looks working well but can not write data maximum 8GB and writing speed is very slow. Taking 1 hours for 500MB data and appear error message when write over 8GB. Mobile2go pass me same kind of microSD after purchased phone. Their price is normal price so Mobile2go get customer by fake microSD.

Fortunately, Galaxy C9 Pro is 99% original (Maybe 1% high quality fake.) but I strongly recommend at least buy authorized shop which on manufacture website. (Apple, Samsung(Galaxy), Sony(Xperia). But still pay attention, they are just authorized retail shop and each shops are different management. Do not go small authorized retail shop. I am normally buy electric product from Best electric Malaysia because I know CEO contact number but this time, he can not discount which I requested price. (The price is follow by online store) But I should to buy Best electric next time.

Finally, I went to Mobile2go again for replace new MocroSD card but they told “You have to check quality before pay money.” That is Malaysian style. Deal is all done after pay money. Especially, this fake Sandisk microSD is not so easy to find fake product because first 8GB is no problem. Even Lazada is selling many fake microSD which is too cheap from market price. Fake microSD is selling below RM140 in Lazada in 2017. Mobile2go is just save below RM100 then get big customer complain as my article.

Operation Hour: 11AM – 9PM [Daily – Monday to Sunday!]
Address: Taman Maluri
No. 236, Jalan Mahkota,Taman Maluri, 55100,Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
[Tel : 03-92818888 / 016-3688675 / 016-3688645]

Galaxy C9 Pro sales description

Receipt for purchased Galaxy C9 Pro
Car charger is not Quick Charge 3.0(5V/ 1A) Still acceptable.
Fake MicroSD 64GB is not acceptable!

YouTube Video about fake microSD
Comming Soon.

Android TV – MINIX NEO X7 Boleh. Absolutely fantastic.

For beginning,  most of interesting TV programs are not free in Malaysia. Majority of Malaysian are joining ASTRO tuner and at least RM40 per month for this contract.

What can buy RM40 in Malaysia?
1 can of coke = RM1
500cc of mineral water = RM1
My car load tax (1000cc engine) = RM20
Parking ticket (One Utama) = RM1 for first 4 hours.
Toll fee from Kuala Lumpur (Kota Damansara) to Johor Bahru = RM48.60
1 Litter of petrol = RM2.10

Just watching TV is expensive compare with other things in Malaysia. Japanese TV are all free but each channel have advertisement but TV programs are very fan and even TV advertising also.

I am paying Astro basic program for RM40 every months because my girlfriend want to watch Korean TV program (KBS World) and I am paying now even not watch the program.

I am trying to terminate Astro for save money but not get perfect solution yet.
The solution is of course can watch KBS world absolutely fantastic!

Androld Operation system already provided KBS world application. But movie is freeze often.
But finally, I found absolutely fantastic solution with MINIX NEO X7.

1, Join good performance home internet connection (My house is joining Maxis Fiber 10Mbps)
2, Update OS to NEO X7 6th FW Release (0101, version 008)
3, Install 风云直播 for Android TV or your android phone also possible for testing purpose.

Then I got a good performance like a below YouTube movie. My MINIX NEO X7 was NEO X7 5th FW Release (1010, version 006c) that time, movie performance was freeze often even maxis fiber 10Mbps. Update operation system is very important for this procedure.

Note : I don’t take any responsibility about your investment. Please join internet provider or purchase MINIX NEO X7 for your own risk.

MINIX NEO X7 Boleh(available) for
1, Root
2, Can use Playstation 3 controller Dual Shock. (Can play PSX, SNES, PSP emulator)
3, Install application from Google Play.
4, USB pen drive. (128GB SSD also can use)
5, Tethering (share wifi to other devices.)
6, Can play high resolution movie. (Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A9 processor 1.6GHz)
7, Can watch from big screen (Full HD 1080p)

Please watch Movie and Game performance.

(NEW) PS VITA 3G + Wifi model PCH-1100 AB01 Crystal Black Japan model Only RM799

★ GPS is working even SIM Locked
★ Can Play games and connect Wifi even SIM locked.

Item Specification
Status in Stock Price : RM799
Condition: Brand New: An item has been opened one times for checking 3G networks. Platform: Sony Playstation Vita
Brand SONY
SIM Card Locked (Can unlock in Japanese Docomo Shop)
Model PCH-1100 AB01
Color Crystal Black
PS Vita + Wifi model PCH-1100 AB01 Specification
CPU ARM® Cortex-A9 core (4 core)
Main Memory 512MB
weight about 279g
Touch Screen 5 inch(16:9), 960 x 544, 16.77 million colors, Organic Light Emitting Diode
Rear touch pad Multi touch pad (capacitive type)
Front camera,

Rear camera

Frame rate : 120fps@320×240(QVGA), 60fps@640×480(VGA),
Resolution : Up to 640×480(VGA)
Sound Built-in speakers, microphone input
Location Built-in GPS
Power Built-In Lithium-ion Battery DC3.7V 2210mAh, AC Adaptor
5°C – 35°C


USB cable X1
AC Adopter X1
Power Code X1
Instruction Manual X1
(Can use only in Japan)
4GB Memory Card X1


Accessory Pack (See photo)
Screen Protecter X1
Cleaner Strape X1
Card Case X1
Clearner Cloth X1
Trading Methord
Face to Face Free Deliver in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.
Bank Transfer Transfer first and shipping with Tracking code
Contact 016-209-7203


Japanese Yen is down so best time for shopping in Japan

Japanese 100 Yen was about RM4 in August 2012 but almost RM3 now so 25% off everything in Japan now.

RM1 = 32.5 Yen today.

Past one year performance

PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi model (PCH-1100AB01)
Amazon Japan = RM586.80
Sony Malaysia = RM1299


PlayStation 3 500GB (CECH-4000C)
Amazon Japan = RM861.23
Sony Malaysia = RM1,199.00


iPad Retina 32GB wifi model
Apple Japan = RM1,563.07
Apple Malaysia = 1,799.00


Succeed to connect internet Xperia Play and X10 with truemove and AIS SIM card. Pucket, Thailand

I am visiting Pucket for one week holiday with my girlfriend. Here is a lot of visitors especially from China, Korea, Japan.

I got a truemove Sim card for free in Airport and I top up THB350 for this sim card. It is THB49 for unlimited internet access but connection is 2G. It is pretty slow internet connection such a take time for 1 minutes just open Google website. This company fryer is very silly because I call truemove care (English) dial 1331 but announce is Thai. I spend a lot of time with hotel reception but I am so disappointed for very slow connection.

Finally, I got a solution in Pucket for my internet life. I got a another SIM card it is AIS. I paid THB450 for this SIM card from small mobile phone retail shop. I am not recommend unofficial store to buy something. It is also waste THB75 for 75MB plan for his fault. Anyway, I got 1GB plan and paid THB350 and internet speed is about 1Mbps even in hotel room. Anyway, it is not so bad because my hotel(Millennium hotel) is charging THB500 for one day internet connection.

By the way, I introduce way to connect to truemove and AIS.

Both truemove and AIS are common setting 1,2

1,Setting, Wireless Setting, Mobile Network,remove MMS data check

2,Setting, Phone setting, Carrier, Select phone carrier.

3,Set up APNs


4,Setting, Wireless setting, Mobile Network, access point

5,set up APN

Name :TH GSM(other name also fine)



MCC : 520

MNC : 01

APN protocol : IPv4

Dont need other setting

check account balance : *121#

For truemove

4,Setting, Wireless setting, Mobile Network, access point

5、Set up APN

Name :truemove(other name also fine)

APN : internet

user name : true

password : true

dont need other setting

check account balance : #123#

AIS Package list

Move data to microSD for Google Maps and Skype by Link2SD

I have some android phone but all of phone has only below 500MB internal memory. Nowadays, I am using Xperia Play and I really like the phone because it is not touch screen and available to play Playstation one game and Super Nintendo and Family computer game with Controller. It is not touch screen so It can enjoy game such a super mario or Gran Turismo. Good for play action game.

But the phone performance is getting bad after installed several softwares. I installed Papago, Ndrive, Viber, Whatsapp, Line, Dropbox, Document to go, Shazam, then it is already over 70% of internal memory gone. But Link2SD gave us the solution. The application succeed to move applications to microSD card. I succeed Firefox(20.34MB), Google Japanese IME(13.95MB), Junos Pulse(3.04MB), Line(17.36MB), Document to go(10.64MB), Lookout(6.11MB), Maybank2u(2.85MB), Ndrive11(16.20MB), PapagoX5(3.10MB), Shazam(12MB), Skype(21.68MB), Kakao Talk(8.93MB), Google Maps(12.1MB). Now my Xperia Play has 105MB left even many application installed.

Procedure for install Link2SD
Your phone must need to rooted.

1, Install Link2SD from Google Play.
2, Install MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition to your PC.
3, Connect Android phone with USB data cable to PC.
4, Run MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition and find android Device.

5, Right click to your android device and select Move/Resize
6, Reduce size for Patition size and increase Unallocate Space After: It is for space for android Internal application. I make a space for 2GB for this size.

7, Right Click for Unallocated Partition and select Create.
8, Select Create As for “Primary” and File System for “Ext3” then click “OK”. Please refer below image.

9, Reboot Androld phone.
10, Run Link2SD and select Ext3
11, Select an application which you want to transfer to MicroSD.

12, Done

All can eat Japanese restaurant MAIU

Japanese restaurant MAIU is located in Damansara Perdana. They are providing Japanese food for RM38 and all can eat. Food Taste also very good compare with other Japanese restaurant.

This restaurant name is originally must be UMAI. But one of Japanese comedian always say MAIU in gourmet TV program. I guess this restaurant manager follow him.

Most of Japanese restaurant are expensive compare with Japan but MAIU is cheaper if you are big eater. Most of time, the restaurant is full booking. So I recommend to make reservation before go to the restaurant. Or just go to restaurant and wait for seat.

The location is very difficult to find. Just go inside of building which you can see Hong Leong Bank outside.

G-3A, The Place, Jalan PJU 8/5D, Bandar Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya Selangor
+603 7729 0015

Poor customer service from Edison Electronics in Singapore regarding the purchase of iPhone 4S

A lot of Singapore electronic shops provides poor customer relationship. They are not thinking about customer’s feeling instead of the purpose of gaining profit. I went to Singapore because iPhone 4S was yet available in Malaysia’s market and also most Singaporean online shop said iPhone 4S is sold out.

Firstly, I parked my car in Sim Lim Square. Then,I looked for shops that sell iPhone 4S around the building. Fortunately, many of shops have a lot of stocks for iPhone 4S and without having a long queue. My only main focus was the iPhone 4S 64GB model. The price range is from S$1150 to S$1350 which is cheaper than the Apple store which is at the price of S$1238. I decided to purchase the phone at S$1150. However, the seller suddenly informs me that the phone is New Zealand version and cannot update the program. Then, seller said that they also have stocks for iPhone 4S Hong Kong version. It is S$1320…… Plus GST 7%.

I made a survey by negotiating the price with several iPhone sellers however most sellers were not willing to bargain a lower price as compared to Apple Store. Besides, I was worried that I might be purchasing a SIM Locked phone. Thus, I then decided to focus on purchasing the iPhone Singapore version.

Edson Electronics Pte Ltd in Sim Lim Square informed me that they have iPhone 4S 64GB factory unlocked model Singapore version for S$1320 include GST. I then decided to purchase from them and yet they requested to register my passport copy for Apple phone . I then passed my passport to them and they requested for a registration fee of S$98 and also an unlocking fee of S$68 which rounds up to S$1486 . I then just took back my passport copy and left the shop. However I forgotten that I had left my Micro SIM card with them to test the functionality of Malaysian SIM card in the phone. I went back to the shop and kindly request back for my SIM card however the sellers claim that the phone isn’t my property thus I do not have the rights to touch the phone. Even so, they were not willing to show to me the presence of my sim card within the phone. After several persuasions, they then showed me the SIM card slot which does not have my SIM card at all. Feeling disappointed and frustrated, I left the shop without regrets as I have only lost a SIM card. However, as I step away from the shop, I heard a the seller’s voice from behind shouting “ FUCK OFF !”.

Such customer service has totally gave me a poor impression of Singapore. I was very disappointed with all the Singapore’s iPhone shop listed on the Apple store website. I went to check my last hope at Epic Centre located at Orchard with the price of iPhone 4S 64GB for S$1688 without tax. However, such throat cutting price was just a disappointment to me. Finally , I decided to leave Singapore and deposited back all my Singaporean dollars to my bank. I have learnt a subtle lesson for not purchasing any new or expensive product which is in the market demand in Singapore. I would rather choose online shopping which doesn’t require to face such horrible service from these sellers as well as the troubles to travel and survey the prices in different location. Such disappointed has made me come to a conclusion to not shop in Singapore again. I suppose Singaporeans are aware of the rude services provided by their sellers which lead to the low human traffic in Sim Lim Square. I reckon that Singapore’s government should strongly educate their citizens with a higher EQ and attitude in serving customers in most front line services.

I was fortunate that my SIM card was not set to roaming mode .Thus, I cancel my SIM card as soon as I step onto Malaysia to prevent any future changers from DiGi Malaysia. I also faced several experience in Malaysia’s Digital Mall and Low Yat Plaza . I am concerned on the distribution method of Apple iPhone4S globally. Have Apple ever thought long term sales of products from neither their loyal customers nor the customer satisfaction regarding the purchase of their products? Indeed such market distribution method by outsourcing would release their burden however there is the lack of education towards their vendors as most were given incentives to promote for profit instead of emphasizing on the level of customer satisfaction. I would recommend Apple to also educate their vendors to prioritize customer’s relationship before , during and after service. Besides, Apple should also develop an online store which provides phones with the categorization based on different countries such as DELL. As the amount of online shoppers is increasing in the market, such consideration to develop a marketing site would speed up the communication level between the organization and customers instead of going through vendors. I second my suggestion as I trust the rates online as most are comments from the customers experiencing the current product. Bottom line, I would really hope Apple would improve their way of distribution in order to sustain the loyalty within their customers.

No Stocks in Apple Store Singapore

store singapore.JPG

Just re-seller for genuine Apple dealer


I lost SIM card in this shop (Stolen maybe….)

2011-12-11 19.18.32.jpg

Flamingo Hotel Penang.

Nowadays, I am still busy for work but I am off in weekend so I went to Penang Island with my girlfriend. I already been to Penang before but I am feel not so good for the island because too much motorcycle and looks real south east asia city and also many factory in the island. I like a Cameron highland but my girlfriend dont like the road so I chose Penang the time.

I was stayed center of George town hotel last time but we stayed hotel near by beach this time. Hotel lobby is looks great and the restaurant can see beach during eating and all can eat food. temperature was good but my room is just 2nd floor and little noise air conditioner and cafe music.

In the next day, We are drive around Penang Island and go to Jusco and eat food then go back to home. It is around 3.5 hours by car from Kuala Lumpur to Penang include traffic jam.

We took dinner which can see table in this photo.


can sleep here with ocean view.


Took photo from second floor cafe.